Why smokers fail quitting?

Very few smokers wish to remain smokers, considering the problems created by cigarettes and the disadvantages of tobacco use. Almost all smokers have gone into the process of quitting smoking at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them fail in this attempt. Only 3% have managed to quit smoking without help, after three failed attempts.

There are some important reasons related to failure. Many people do not even go into the process of smoking, even if it is something that constantly troubles them.

Why a failed quit attempt happens?

  • If the smoker does not have access to the necessary knowledge, the appropriate method with the necessary techniques. LifeSUPPORT is the most scientifically documented way to stop smoking that provides all that is necessary for an effective effort.

  • He’s waiting for the time where he’s absolutely ready to quit smoking. There is no right time for someone to quit smoking, nor is this time going to come by magic. Every moment is right.

  • He’s waiting for the day where he will not need the cigarette. This need will never go away, since the addiction caused by the nicotine contained in the cigarette is very strong.

  • He goes into the process of abruptly quitting smoking without proper preparation. Our program best prepares the smoker to make smoking cessation a pleasant process, having minimal withdrawal symptoms.

  • He’s afraid to try, and he’s got a low commitment. A potential failure also has a psychological cost to anyone trying to stop smoking. Counselling is the most appropriate way to overcome this fear and to be able to realize the reasons behind failed past attempts to stop smoking.